I just met this wonderful drink Hardaliye, which has an exquisite taste and endless benefits. I was ashamed of myself not knowing this very old and healing drink before  So I researched, learned and wanted to write and share. Here is Hardaliye’s story, with its interesting chemistry and benefits …

What is Hardaliye?

Hardaliye is a non-alcoholic beverage made from ripe fresh grapes in and around Kırklareli, Turkey. The original recipe does not contain added water or sugar. It is obtained from grape juice and is completely natural. In its production, ripe fresh grapes of the Papazkarası type, cherry leaves and black mustard seeds are used. Mustard seeds placed in hardaliye, which is a fermented beverage, prevent the formation of alcohol and can be consumed as an alcohol-free grape drink without being distilled. The cherry leaf extends its durability without spoiling.


Story of Hardaliye

During his visit to Kırklareli on December 20, 1930, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk recommended that this drink be turned into a national production after tasting hardaliye. Unfortunately, it was produced only for private consumption at home. In 2010, a group of entrepreneurs established a hardaliye factory in Kırklareli Kızılcıkdere Organized Industrial Site and started mass production from traditional production. In 2017, it was registered in the province of Kırklareli by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority obtaining the Geographical Sign.

Production of Hardaliye



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There are two hardaliye producers who have a producer registration certificate in Kırklareli province. These manufacturers are; Kırklareli Grape Producers with 65.000 Liter / Year and Ellen Bağcılık Tarım Ürünleri with 30.000 Liter / Year. There are also companies that make contract manufacturing to these two companies and sell hardaliye under their own brand. You can also make hardaliye at your home by using various recipes.

Benefits of Hardaliye



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Besides its delicious and refreshing taste, hardaliye has endless benefits. It is obtained by keeping the grape without separating its skin and seeds. Therefore, it contains intense Resveratrol found in the skin of the grape. Resveratrol, a substance produced by black grapes works against factors such as cold weather conditions, fungal infections, and has anticarcinogen, antioxidant, antiviral, antimicrobial, cholesterol-lowering properties. It is also one of the rare substances that protect the bone marrow. It has been scientifically proven to protect the liver and brain cells. Quercetin, another substance found in the grape core, supports the production of erythropoietin, which is involved in the blood-making mechanism. This is where the powerful antioxidant properties of grapes come from. The most important feature of hardaliye besides making blood is that it contributes to cell renewal in the body. Therefore, you can witness that your skin is renewed as you consume.

How to Consume Hardaliye?



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It is recommended to consume one glass a day. You can dilute it with water or mineral water as desired. It is recommended to be consumed in the morning for children. You can use it for flavoring in meals and salads, and serve it with Turkish coffee. It can be used as fruit juice in cocktails.



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I met hardaliye, and I won’t let go of it anymore. Let’s make this special drink become widespread. On this occasion, I would like to thank Chef Umut Karakuş, who introduced me to hardaliye in Muutto, and I wish the businesses that offer hardaliye to increase!