Discovering Datca Bays by Boat


The most enjoyable part of my Datça trip was the day we visited the bays from the sea. Therefore, I wanted to share all the details here and let the travelers experience it. Here is what I discovered …

Choosing a boat

Many bays can only be reached from the sea. Therefore, we decided to take a daily boat tour in order to discover these hidden paradise bays.

You can choose one of the boats in the marina that suits your taste and budget. We decided on Captain Yildo.


Food & Drink on the boat

I advise that you discuss with the captain in advance, what he can offer on the boat and what you need / prefer to bring with you on board. If you wish, the captain can make fish and salad. However, we bought meatballs from Kaya Et because the children were a little tired of fish and they were delirious about meatballs. Kaya Et is famous in this area. We were very pleased with the quality and taste. We had ordered stuffed leaves and stuffed zucchini flowers the day before. It was practical to bring cucumbers alongside. We also bought plenty of water and ice cold beer.

We stopped by Nokta Unlu Mamüller on the way to the boat in the morning. There are many types of simit, pastry and so on. The macaroon made with Datça’s famous almonds is legendary; definitely from it! When we settled on the boat and sailed to the sea, we ate these with the tea that was brewed by Yildo Captain.


In the afternoon, we enjoyed grapes. For the enthusiast: The place where we bought the grapes is 1 km from Karaincir towards Datça. The bench on the right side of the road. I haven’t eaten such delicious grapes for a long time!





All of the villages we stopped on by boat were beautiful. The sea was clear. Fortunately, we didn’t see any garbage or pollution.



Aquarium was the first bay where we stopped and enjoyed the sea. The bay, which has its namesake in many parts of the Aegean, has a crystal clear sea that deserves its name. It was very difficult for the captain to gather us to leave!

Ince Burun


Our next stop was Inceburun. This place takes its name from the thin promontory between the bay and the open sea. The transition from light turquoise to dark blue is stunning.

Incirliin Koyu




This bay takes its name from the Incirliin Cave, which appears on the hill in the photo. Incirliin Cave, 345 meters long, consisting of 30 caves of various sizes, is registered as a 1st degree Archaeological and Natural Site. The cave, which consists of many interconnected halls, can be visited with a guide of 155 meters. Wishing to explore it from the land next time, we had our swim, ate lunch here, and set off for the next bay.

Kargı Bay


This bay, which can also be reached by land, is quite crowded. We anchored in the open and enjoyed the sea. Kargi being the last bay of the day, we left by thanking Captain Yildo. He knew the whole environment like the back of his hand, and took us around safely.


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